Girls Frontline Arctech Action Figure 1/7 Springfield Aromatic Silence Ver. 22 cm



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"Working hard commander, want a cup of coffee?"

As the latest product under "ARCTECH" series product line, figure manufacturer APEX has now released this 1/8 scale action figure of Springfield, character from popular social game "Girls' Frontline", in her barista outfit.
With up to 17 well-designed articulation joints and an aboundant supply of optional parts, this action figure has a wide range of articulation. The tight skirt and apron are made of real cloth and the apron has wires hidden inside.
The figurine also comes with an abundant supply of equipments and option parts. Besides a bar counter and a chair, there are also coffee cups and a set of dirpping tool for you to perform the whole process of coffee dripping with the action figurine.

Please also keep an eye on the future product release of this "ARCTECH" series!

It stands approx. 22 cm tall and comes with accessories in a window box packaging.

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