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HG Gundam Dantalion 1/144

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Fra anden sæson af "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" kommer her Dantalion. Kommer med sin T-Booster backpack, der kan blive til gigantiske arme. Desuden med sin Bayonet Rifle, der kan blive til Bayonet Sword.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Release Date:Jun 2017
Item Size/Weight:30.0cm x 19.0cm x 6.6cm / 360g

Customer Reviews

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Fisticuffs Skeleton Gundam

This is a real oddball, but in a good way.

1. Big sheet of stickers for rounded areas. Not fun, but you can paint those easily for the most part.
2. The folding sword/beam rifle has two extra parts that you 'should' remove for using in different modes.
One part is the gun mode handle, which you can pull out so it doesn't look weird when it's holding the sword, the other is an adapter that fits on the stock (sword grip) so the clamp hands can hold it without it sliding out of the hold. However, when you're using the weapon without the big arms, you have nowhere to store this extra bit. Additionally as I was testing this adapter part, it's so stuck to the sword that there are now stress marks between the stock and the rifle, as it started bending before the part unclipped.

The Dantalion on its own looks unique and much more slender than Gundams usually do. It has a skeletal face and a 'skeletized' body structure, reducing armor and metal in favor of being lighter and adaptable.
There is for the most part a nice amount of color separation, even without the awful stickers.
The "T Booster" backpack is in a striking red and black color and it looks great both as a backpack and in the giant arm mode.

"Bayonet" Beam submachinegun/rifle/sword.
In the folded mode it's a submachinegun. Extended it becomes a bayonet rifle and a thick sword meant for smashing, rather than cutting. It can be held in either naked or T Booster mode.
"T Booster" (Top Booster) is the big red and black backpack that is entirely optional and partsforms over the arms to give the Dantalion a set of gigantic mechanical arms with clamp hands, which can hold the sword by the stock with the included adapter.
Backpack stand - since the kit is ridiculously back heavy with the T Booster folded together (it's meant to be a rocket booster), there is an included stand to support it. When you have the arms expanded, you can hold the stand as a make shift club, if you want to :)

Dantalion Mode: Very nimble and easily posable without the pack. Funnily enough it pulls off an 'undead' pose really well due to how the shoulder joint is lower and you can swivel the foot around the ankle quite significantly, making it look like it drags a broken foot behind it!
T-Booster mode: Since the big arm extends out of a middle part the articulation is limited and the Dantalion becomes heavier and more unstable, but it holds its weight just fine, due to the large feet (typical for IBO designs).

This is a fun and unique HG kit both visually and mechanically, in that the transforming part is a lot different from what you'd usually see.
The flaws are not that big a deal, you just need to be a little careful and while the stickers are really annoying, the kit looks just fine without them.
Interestingly the 'top booster' implies there's a bottom one and sure enough, the Dantalion is meant to be equipped with both as well as an 'aegis' shield/chest part that equips it with shoulder guns and all together form 'Perfect Cowl Dantalion'. Maybe these will be released one day, possible as a P-Bandai kit, but for now there's only the top booster.

If you're a little tired of standard looking Gundams, this is the one to break the monotony.