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HG RX-78-01[FSD] Gundam FSD 1/144

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Dette HG kit genskaber Gundam FSD (Full-Scale Development) fra "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin MSD: Cucuruz Doan's Island"! Det minder en smule og Gundam Local Type, men har sine egne unikke dele. Den kommer med den karakteristiske arm-gatling gun, et bælte lavet af blødt materiale der tillader fleksibel posering.

  • [Støbefarver]: Black, dark gray, yellow-orange, translucent pink, putty, translucent red


  • Arm gatling gun (x1)
  • Shield (x2) (One of the shields features newly molded parts)
  • Beam saber (x2)
  • MS machine gun (x1)
  • Shoulder canon (x1)
  • Foil sticker sheet
  • Marking sticker sheet

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Release Date:Apr 2018
Series:Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin
Item Size/Weight:30.0cm x 19.0cm x 8.0cm / 340g
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Customer Reviews

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Mean Minigun Machine

Not to be confused with the Gundam Local Type which is nearly the same kit with small differences.
The main differences are the chest and armaments, where this kit has a vulcan arm attachment and an additional "flip phone" shield.

Included are a machine gun (and a different hand to equip it), the kick-stand shield and the shoulder artillery cannon from the Local Type kit, and several beam sabers plus beam effects.

What distinguishes this from the regular RX-17-2's (besides this being a '1' instead of a '2') is that it comes in a fairly unique looking brown-grey or coke (fuel) looking color, it has different chest vents and a visor in front of the eyes which gives it an 80's sunglasses sort of vibe.
The backpack has two side slots and is able to store one or two beam saber hilts, or you can equip the shoulder artillery cannon or a holding clamp for the machine gun. Which ever combination of two parts you want. The backpack also features five thrusters instead of the classic two. You're meant to only attach the beam sabers if you plan to build it the way it's intended, but you're of course free to do whatever you want with this.
The kick-stand shield does not attach to this kit, unfortunately, as they use different connectors, but it can stand next to the model on its own if you wish and there are plenty of stickers to decorate it. You can also store the beam sabers on this shield.

The belt that goes to the vulcan is attached to a drum, which attaches to it's right side skirt and the rubber belt enables the model to pose it pretty much however you want.

The kit comes with a large sticker sheet which gives you all the little orange strips that are placed throughout the model. Because of this large amount of small strip stickers, I advise to varnish the model afterwards, as the stickers will start to peel after a few months. Alternatively you can simply glue them back on.

The articulation is fairly good and comparable to other 'The Origin' kits, although I find some of the tolerances a bit looser, which can be tightened up in a number of ways.
Being that this is such a dark kit without very much to break it up apart from the orange stickers, it's best displayed under an LED strip or other lighting. It looks good as a 'dark twin' next to an RX-78-2 kit, which also comes in a 'the origin' version.