Nijisanji PVC Statue 1/7 Kanae 19 cm Spring til indhold


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Nijisanji PVC Statue 1/7 Kanae 19 cm



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The virtual Youtuber and NIJISANJI member Kanae is being made into a 1/7 scale figure!

He comes to life holding his Roto cushion while sitting in his gaming chair.

Extra care was paid to sculpting the soft, gentle smile in his expression and the fine details in his hair. Clear parts were used on his hair to achieve a light and detailed finish with a sense of transparency.

Features like the pattern of his sweater, wrinkles in his jacket and pants, and detailing on his boots have all been faithfully recreated.

His gaming chair base replicates the differences in materials by varying the shine of the paint.

Enjoy an even cuter, gentler look by switching to the including smiling face part. He can be displayed with whichever expression the user prefers.

Add him along with the upcoming Kuzuha to your collection today!

Nijisanji PVC Statue 1/7 Kanae 19 cm
Nijisanji PVC Statue 1/7 Kanae 19 cm Salgspris€229,95